Physical Therapy Services for Wichita, Kansas
Physical Therapy Services at Cypress so professional and personal, it rivals all other choices.

March 31st, 2010 What Makes us Better

Physical Therapy Services is more than a physical therapy clinic. We are a unique facility dedicated to you, the patient. We provide a full spectrum of services to handle orthopedic problems. Using the talent of excellent hand picked physical therapists, Physical Therapy Services combines new concepts with time tested methods to address patient problems. One angle of uniqueness puts patient care and your concerns first. We provide customized care and work to establish a personal relationship with each patient.

At Physical Therapy Services you are not a chart, number, client or time unit. You are a friend and treated as such. You are your therapist’s first concern and focus when you are with us.

Whether you are an athlete suffering from an injury, an individual seeking to avoid surgery or a patient needing to rehabilitate after surgery, you need care and attention. The therapists at Physical Therapy Services are committed to seeing that each of you receive the focus and professional care required for you to succeed.


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