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Physical Therapy Services at Cypress so professional and personal, it rivals all other choices.

March 4th, 2010 About Us

Physical Therapy Services is comprised of a strong team of only Licensed Physical Therapists who all share the same valued philosophies. They believe in putting patient care first and are dedicated to personal attention and relationships. When you begin your journey at Physical Therapy Services  you will be cared for by the same physical therapist for the duration of the healing process. No aides, exercise specialists or assistants are employed at Physical Therapy Services. You will be treated with attentive one on one care to ensure the best possible results.

Patient volume and personal care do not go hand in hand. At Physical Therapy Services the understanding that “the patient needs specific care” is priority number one. If therapy is not performed correctly, the patient is robbed of efficient healing. At Physical Therapy Services you are observed closely by a physical therapist to ensure that even the smallest of details are correct. Without this type of professional care you are not given the fullest potential to recover timely and completely. None of this care can be accomplished when a clinics main goal is to turnover as many patients in a day as possible. At Physical Therapy Services your health and recovery have always been and will always be the goal, not the production of revenue.

Our therapists were hand picked by Karl Glick, PT, the owner of Physical Therapy Services. He has selected a group of highly qualified, well trained and experienced therapists. The atmosphere in the facility is relaxed, warm and kind. Since patients are valued, many appointments appear to be a meeting among friends rather than just an appointment. The therapists are all very invested in the relationship with their patients and that shows with the customized approach they give each individual. Patients will truly receive unique care – care so professional, yet personal it rivals all others choices.


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