Physical Therapy Services for Wichita, Kansas
Physical Therapy Services at Cypress so professional and personal, it rivals all other choices.

March 31st, 2010 Home

Physical Therapy Services has a rich history in the Wichita area. While some of our therapists have been practicing in the area for over 25 years, others are new to the art. All of our therapists are committed to the same philosophy of treating the patient with tailored, attentive and individual care.

Physical Therapy Services has been operating as a group since 2002. During this time our therapists have successfully used the classic, tried and true methods of healing coupled with personal attention to see countless victories over injuries and affliction.

Patients of Physical Therapy Services are ushered into a regimen of treatments administered by only fully qualified and trained physical therapists. Our clinic provides an environment where the patient is not a number. Patients of Physical Therapy Services are of high priority and value. There are many options when it comes to physical therapy.  Our patients’ wellness and recovery speak for themselves.


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